Lyft Makes Bumper Debut on Nasdaq

The initial public offering of Lyft was one of the biggest events in the world of finance this month, and on listing day on Nasdaq,


Trump Tweets that Google is Committed to US Military

Ever since he became the President of the United States, Donald Trump has been known to go after individuals and corporations through his hugely popular

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Facebook says they will Ban White Nationalism from its Platforms

Over the past two years, the social media giant Facebook has come under a lot of criticism for having been a platform that had been

Global Markets

Amid Trade Talks, China Talks About Expanding its Financial Markets

The trade war between the United States and China has had a massive impact on the Chinese economy, but the Asian giant is now looking

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Google CEO & Top U.S. Military Officials To Meet Regarding AI Work By Google In China

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc.’s Google is set to meet top U.S Military, regarding the presence of Google in China.  They will meet in


Goldman Sach & Apple Join To Favour Mass-Market Consumers

Apple Inc and Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s latest move regarding the credit card deal is the latest development and will also help Goldman Sach to


A Weak Housing Date & Consumer Confidence Data Denotes To A Slowing Economy

The month of February saw a decline in the U.S. homebuilding as the construction of single-family homes declined to a two-year low pointing to the

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Boeing To Fix Anti-Stall System: Sources

Investigators in the fatal Lion Air crash in October have pinpointed the anti-stall system called Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation or MCAS as the reason behind the


Banks Plan to Rescue Jet Airways, Naresh Goyal Quits

Naresh Goyal who is the founder and board member of debt-ridden Indian carrier Jet Airways is stepping down. Anita wife of Goyal who helped set

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Asian Shares Weak Due to Rise In U.S. Treasury Yields

The Asian shares were shaky on Tuesday after two straight losses and also due to the 10-year Treasury yields of the U.S. rising after it