Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc.’s Google is set to meet top U.S Military, regarding the presence of Google in China.  They will meet in Washington D.C. this week to discuss regarding the lab which may create problems for Google. General Joseph Dunford and the internet giant Sundar Pichai will discuss in detail regarding the indirect advantage the Chinese Military is gaining through Google’s AI(Artificial Intelligence) work that is carried out in China.

Dunford referred to the AI lab of Google which was started two years ago in the year 2017, which is creating a problem for Google due to the technical might that China is gaining and creating a headache for the U.S military. The spokesman Senator Ron Johnson mentioned that Google will also update about the meeting with Dunford to the Homeland Security Committee.

Google’s future profits are through the company’s Artificial Intelligence skill, which is the main source of income other than advertisement, and the dispute can affect Google’s cloud computing business. The main competitors in the cloud business of Google, i.e. Microsoft Corp, and Inc have addressed China and Pentagon who are the possible customers of the internet-based services.

After the U.S President Donald Trump objected through his tweet, the company issued a statement that it “was not working with the Chinese Military.” Lawmakers also objected to Google’s plans regarding the investment in AI in China and also started a campaign against Google.

Fei-Fei-Li, Google executive mentioned through his blog post in the year 2017 that

“AI and its benefits have no borders,” and also stated that “And we want to work with the best AI talent, wherever that talent is, to achieve it.”

AI technicians are costly and limited, and Li, a Chinese based computer scientist states that the majority of research in AI is from Chinese authors. In the year 2018 Microsoft and Amazon proclaimed AI labs in China, who sell cloud services earlier.

Dunford in an event hosted by think tank the Atlantic Council  mentioned that

“This is not about me and Google, this is about us looking at the second and third order effects of our business ventures in China, Chinese form of government, and the impact it’s going to have on the U.S.  ability to maintain a competitive military advantage.”

The website stated two weeks earlier as per the internet archive that

“We’re developing a world-class research effort dedicated to creating AI solutions to real-world problems.”


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