What Is Banxso?

If you are interested in trading in various assets and financial instruments, then Banxso is the right platform for you. Banxso provides the platform for trading and investing in different asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange currencies, shares, bonds, CFDs, and stocks. The company is focusing on adding more assets to the portfolio to build its user base.

The association with a vast number of trading platforms indicates the dedication of Banxso to trading and investment. Banxso provides top-tier liquidity and operates in collaboration with reputed brokers. The brokers conduct trading on behalf of the registered traders of Banxso. The traders gain access to the world’s asset markets through the proprietary trading platform of Banxso. If you seek to trade in stocks, DMA shares, and other assets, then sign up with Banxso today.


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Key Features of Banxso

The salient features of the platform of the trading and investment platform of Banxso are listed below:

Trading Platforms

Banxso strives hard to provide users with top-notch trading opportunities. At Banxso, one can conduct trading in different assets by accessing a wide variety of global markets. Banxso has a trading platform of its own that can be customized by users. The platform is also associated with MetaTrader 5 and a mobile trading platform for trading with additional benefits.

Trading is almost always profitable with the help of the brokers of Banxso. It is recommended to remain active at the platform to engage in regular trading sessions. The platform may charge an inactivity fee if the user remains inactive for more than 6 months.

Trading Tools

The platform of Banxso provides every user with an impressive range of trading tools to enable tech-savvy trading. The tools allow the traders to conduct the fundamental and technical analysis of the assets before venturing into trading and investment. The traders study the real-time charts and graphs provided by the trading tools of the platform and operate in the trading markets based on the data obtained. The tools of Banxso are highly efficient, and their usage is recommended for profitable trading.

The trading platforms, MetaTrader-5, d a mobile platform are multi-asset platforms that are technologically equipped to enable users to take part in flexible and profitable trading. These two trading platforms are ideal for trading and investment in assets other than forex currencies.

The mobile trading platform of Banxso is for users who seek to trade on the go. This platform is compatible with different operating systems that include iOS and Android. The mobile site of Banxso is designed to provide access to every key feature of the platform on various devices like smartphones and tablets.


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Educational Resources

The services of Banxso are completely dedicated to the interests of the traders. The platform is especially suited to the preferences of novice traders. Beginners resort to the in-depth and insightful educational content available at the platform to learn about trading and investment. Banxso conducts webinars, conferences, video lectures, and mentoring sessions to impart trading skills and knowledge to the users. The traders learn to interpret the market conditions from the graphical representations and develop their unique trading strategies with the help of a wide variety of educational resources at Banxso.

Mobile Application

The mobile app of Banxso is highly functional and compatible with every operating system. Traders use the mobile app to conduct trading and investment in assets on the go. The mobile app provides the users with a plethora of technical indicators, chart patterns, chart types, and other statistical analysis reports to help with strategic trading. The users can view the economic calendar and browse through the news feed while trading with the help of brokers through the app.

Is Banxso a Regulated Broker?

The official website of Banxso is subject to the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) regulations of South Africa. The services of Banxso are governed by Zenfin Financial Services.

Is it Safe to Trade With Banxso?

It is perfectly safe for trading at Banxso because Banxso is a regulated brokerage platform. The brokers of Banxso offer their services in compliance with the financial laws and regulations imposed by the licensed organization. The extensive review of Banxso reveals that the firm’s brokers have won awards for customer service and customer satisfaction. The platform has also bagged multiple awards for resourceful educational content and excellent brokerage services. Banxso is a listed company, and its trustworthiness can be verified by its registration number and reviews posted by users at various review forums.

Assets Offered for Trading

The traders at Banxso can conduct trading in a broad range of assets and thousands of financial instruments. The assets available for trading at Banxso include forex, stocks, indices, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.

Order Types

The registered brokers of Banxso offer the most efficient trading and investment services. Among the services, the regulated brokers of Banxso offer an impressive variety of order types that are accessible through the desktop interface of the platform. A key feature of Banxso is that the user can view the dynamic charts and graphs in real-time to open, change, and modify the order type during the trading sessions. At present, Banxso offers the following different order types for trading in different assets:

  • Stop-loss order
  • Trailing stop-loss order
  • Take profit order
  • Limit and stop entry order
  • Partially close trade order
  • Market order
  • Guaranteed stop-loss order

Demo Account

Demo trading is highly beneficial for beginners. Traders open a demo account to trade various assets without making any deposits. Through demo trading, the users can polish their skills and develop strategies to extract more profits from the market. At Banxso, one can open a demo account simply by registering with an email address and password.

After opening the demo account, the user must select the asset he seeks to trade. Through the demo account, the user will only be able to engage in trading in the proprietary platform of Banxso. Demo account trading helps in gaining a better insight into the working of the asset markets without investing or losing money.

Account Types

At Banxso, one can open two types of accounts that include a demo account and a live trading account. Banxso offers the traders access to its proprietary platform and the MetaTrader trading platforms. The platform of MetaTrader enables the trader to trade in indices, forex, and commodities. For trading in other assets, the trader has to access the global asset markets through the proprietary trading platform of Banxso.

It is easy and hassle-free to open an account with Banxso. For registration with Banxso, the trader needs to fill in the registration form and set a username and password. After verification, the trader needs to deposit funds in their account to conduct trading in the market. The traders then reach out to the brokers who open and close the trading positions and execute the trading deals on behalf of the registered traders.

Account Opening Process

Now that you are ready to start trading at Banxso, it is time to open an account right away. Follow the steps below to open an account at Banxso:

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Fill in the Registration Form

Register with your basic information like name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and other details. Banxso also makes it mandatory for the users to submit tax status reports and KYC documents during registration.


Enter Your Financial Information

The brokers of the platform ask for financial status reports from the traders. The financial status report includes details about the trader’s employment status, annual income, credit score, and bank account info. The platform also asks for details regarding the user’s prior experience in trading and investment.

Banxso puts forth a set of multiple-choice questions to probe into the user’s overall trading knowledge and decide if the user is fit for trading in securities. The trader may also have to deal with questions regarding risk management and leverage during the registration at Banxso.

Proceed to Verification

The FSCA makes it mandatory for every user to verify their trading accounts in adherence to the licensing regulations. After registration, it is time to confirm the contact details submitted by the user. The KYC documents of the user are verified in compliance with anti-money laundering laws. The user simply has to click the links sent to the email and phone number for account verification. Upon registration, the traders have to submit government-issued documents of identity and address proof to the registered brokers of Banxso.

Deposit Funds in Your Account

Demo account traders need not make any deposit in their accounts. They may start demo trading directly after registration. For live trading accounts, the traders have to make a deposit of the minimum amount to open a trading channel with the regulated brokers of Banxso.

At Banxso, the traders may deposit and withdraw funds with banking methods of their choice. The brokers accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency wallets. It is recommended to begin trading with a small number of funds so that one may not run into bankruptcy.

Engage in Live Trading

After depositing funds in the account, it is now time to activate the live trading account to enter the international asset markets. To conduct live trading, the first thing that the trader needs to do is select the asset he seeks to trade. Banxso allows the traders to customize the trading platform according to their preferences and trading style. The traders engage in live trading sessions through the brokers. The platform offers the traders charts and statistical analysis reports of different assets to help profit from the markets.

Trading Platforms

The brokerage platform of Banxso offers two platforms for trading that include MetaTrader-5 and a mobile platform. It provides access to trading in a wide range of assets that include CFDs, ETFs, commodities, securities, cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange currency pairs. The trader may either use the MetaTrader platform or venture into the asset market through the proprietary trading platform of Banxso. Banxso allows the trader to engage in live trading directly through any device. The traders do not need to download any software application to conduct trading in assets In various markets.


Trading can never be successful if one does not possess the skills and knowledge required for trading and investment. The brokers of the platform may provide the utmost help, but it is still essential for the trader to be well vested with trading knowledge. Banxso makes sure that the trader can acquire the knowledge and skill required from the extensive educational content provided to the users upon registration. Banxso provides a wealth of educational resources and material to the traders to impart training and instill the skill of strategizing during the trading sessions. The educational content available at Banxso includes the following resources:

  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Articles and blogs updated to the latest facts
  • General videos and PowerPoint presentations
  • Demo account
  • Glossary
  • Video lectures, and more.

It is quite easy to read and understand the educational content of Banxso. The video tutorials are accompanied by graphs and charts that help with the interpretation of intricate trading processes. Most of the articles are written by experienced traders. Reading the articles is incredibly beneficial for the development of trading strategies.

Banxso Review: Customer Support


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At Banxso, customer support is available 24×7 over the phone and by email. The traders may also refer to the detailed FAQ section of the platform for help with general issues. The customer support assistants are prompt, efficient, and readily available for assistance. The email address of the customer service help desk is support@banxso.com. Email queries are usually answered within 24 hours. Traders may seek help through instant live chat during emergencies. Banxso also offers telephonic assistance. Customers may dial the toll-free number for immediate help. The brokers offer advice and assistance as well during the live trading sessions.


Is Banxso safe for trading?

Banxso is regulated by the FSCA of South Africa that ensures the platform’s legitimacy and ensures its security.

What is the unique investment policy of Banxso?

At the platform of Banxso, one may invest in assets within the first three months of registration for free. Upon the expiry of the first three months, the investors may choose to make investments at competitive commission rates.

Does Banxso provide daily trading updates?

Visit the official website of Banxso and click on LIVESTREAM to stay updated on Banxso Daily Financial Review reports.