The Reserve Bank of Australia was under a lot of pressure to make rate cuts due to a slow economy, but they held back. Australia is doing great in its export earnings but the economy still looks weak, it is more of a statistical quirk
The trade war between the United States and China has been nothing short of damaging for everyone concerned, however, just when it looked like the whole thing was to be resolved with a new trade deal, it all unraveled quickly. The United States President Donald
Facebook has been in the eye of a storm for close to a couple of years now, following the revelations regarding the company’s practices with regards to users’ data privacy. There have been Congressional hearings, and overall the social media giant has lost a lot
The past year or so has been nothing short of a disaster for most banks in Australia, and many of them were fined for a range of malpractices. Some of the biggest names in Australian banking found themselves on the wrong side of the law
Last year Apple Inc became the most valuable company in the world when it hit a valuation of an unheard of $1 trillion and needless to say, it is something that will remain a corporate history landmark that will forever belong to the tech giant.
While China’s trade war with the United States is expected to come to an end soon, the country has quietly opened up diplomatic tensions with another North American nation by blocking much of its farm exports to the country. Canada is one of the biggest
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