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European Companies
Equity F&O

European Companies Rise Amidst Marginal Pressure

Europe’s benchmarks set for shares rose marginally on Friday while companies like Sweden’s Elekta and France’s Sopra Steria saw a huge rise in stocks as

Mexico Nudges
World News

Mexico Nudges its Unbanked Population to Mobile Payments

The switch to mobile payments has continued apace over the past decade and needless to say, it has brought financial inclusion for previously unbanked sections

Hope Of Trade
Business News

Hope Of Trade Talks Rises Gold Prices

On Thursday, Gold prices increased on the hope that the US Federal Reserve will keep the rates unchanged for this year. Many Reserve Bank Officials

Monsanto Wins
Business News

Monsanto Wins Arbitration Ruling

Bayer AG, a German drug maker, has won proceedings against Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL), an Indian seed maker in a royalty dispute.  The terms of

Oil CEO Says Price may Hit 60 to 80 range

Oil CEO Says Price may Hit $60 to $80 range

Crescent Petroleum’s chief executive told oil prices in 2019 may sit around $60 to $80 a barrel as the energy market is volatile. Speaking at

Harvard University Ties
Business News

Harvard University Ties Up with Levis Strauss to Make a Blockchain Based Factory Security System

Harvard University and USA Apparel firm Levi Strauss & Co declared a tie-up with renowned think tank New America. This collaboration aims at developing a

The US Requests Extradition Of Huawei CFO

The US Requests Extradition Of Huawei CFO

The United States will soon make a formal request seeking extradition of Chief Financial Officer of Huawei. The justice department of the United States in

Google, Facebook, and Others Spend Millions on U.S Lobbying
Business News

Google, Facebook, and Others Spend Millions on U.S Lobbying

Regulators and the lawmakers in the US have introduced new policies and rules for privacy and anti-trust to regulate the power of tech giants like

Cognizant to Acquire Finland
Business News

Cognizant to Acquire Finland backed OY Samlink

Three Finland based banks, Savings Bank Group, Oma Savings Bank Plc, and POP Bank, have selected Cognizant to revamp their banking operations and systems to