CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta today at Connect 2021, a new business brand that unifies its applications and technology. Meta’s mission is to bring Metaverse into life by assisting individuals in connecting, forming communities, and expanding their enterprises.

The Metaverse will resemble a mix of today’s online social experiences, stretched into three dimensions or projected into the real world at times. It will allow one to enjoy immersive experiences features with others, even without being physically present with them. It will also allow one to accomplish things together that users would not be able to do in the actual world.

It’s the next step in a long-awaited series of social technology innovations, and it marks the start of a new era for the business. Mark elaborated on this concept in a founder’s letter.

The annually held Connect conference brings together developers, content producers, and marketers to celebrate the progress and energy of the industry. This year, the Connect conference looked at how people would interact in the Metaverse over the next ten years, from social interaction to entertainment, fitness, employment, education, and business.

In its blog, Facebook also revealed new tools to assist individuals in creating the Metaverse, such as the Presence Platform, allowing new mixed reality user experiences on Quest 2, and a $150 million investment towards immersive learning to teach artists from the next generation.

One can view the whole Connect speech on and discover how the Metaverse will open up new possibilities.

No Change in Corporate Structure

There will be no change in the business structure, but the financial reporting will. The firm proposed to report on two operational segments beginning with the fourth quarter of 2021: Family of Apps and Reality Labs. By December 1, the firm is keen to begin trading with a new stock ticker using the symbol MVRS, which they have reserved. The announcement made today has no bearing on how we utilize or exchange data.

What’s in the Name Meta?

According to Zuckerberg, he is a fan of classics, and the word ‘Meta’ in Greek means “beyond”. The term Metaverse was first introduced in a classic dystopian novel. It refers to the basic idea of a virtually shared environment accessible to people through different devices.


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