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Italy Introduces Blockchain Regulations

Italy Introduces Blockchain Regulations

As the world comes to grips with the reality of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, it is inevitable that countries will have to adopt regulations so

Tokyo Inflation Rises But BOJ Price Target Still Distant
Business News

Tokyo’ Inflation Rises, But BOJ Price Target Still Distant

The higher energy prices have resulted in Tokyo’s core consumer price inflation to get picked up slightly than was expected in January.  However, there is

A fintech security breach at Ascension USA leaks millions
World News

A fintech security breach at Ascension, USA leaks millions of crucial financial documents

A large cache of financial documents and credit card reports were exposed online in an alleged security lapse at US data and analytics firm Ascension.

RBI Reveals to Purchase Core Bond Back

RBI Reveals to Purchase Core Bond Back worth of Rs 10,000 on Thursday

RBI has decided that the latest OMO will be carried out on Thursday which is supported by an assessment of the prevailing liquidity conditions further

Chinas growth slowest

China’s growth slowest in 28 years, jolts the global economy

The Chinese economy expanded by 6.6% in 2018, it’s lowest growth rate since 1990 official figures showed in a press release recently. With an ongoing