RBI has decided that the latest OMO will be carried out on Thursday which is supported by an assessment of the prevailing liquidity conditions further stated that the liquidity of the durable needs to keep moving forward.

The Reserve Bank of India [RBI] with its dedication to delivering adequate liquidity on Tuesday published that core bond of Rs 10,000 will be repurchased on Thursday. The Central Bank of India previously had assured that the government securities would be purchased for a total sum of Rs 50,000 corer under the open market operation in January and as of now the purchase of around Rs 30,000 corer has been completed.

On Thursday the OMO will be administered, and it has already been decided. By the assessment of the prevailing liquidity and its status, the durable liquidity needs to move ahead, the Reserve Bank of India stated. Five maturing securities will be purchased back between the period from June 2019 to December 2033 will be bought only through purchase means the RBI mentioned along with the specific details of every security.

The qualified contenders should submit their offers by using the electronic format on the RBI’s core banking solution system commonly known as E-number by 24 January. The result of the tender will be declared on the same day itself while the payment to the promising contenders will be made on the next day. It should be taken into consideration that since 2018 August the RBI’s core banking solution system is going through a deficit in liquidity which has been linked to the Reserve Bank of India by using different tools along with OMOs. The OMOs is essential equipment that has been deployed.


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