Greater Cannabis Company (GCAN), the innovator and market leader in the commercialization and development of Cannabinoid delivery systems, proudly announced, that its European based partner Symtomax has included the former Portugal Health Secretary, Dr, Eurico Castro Alves, in its Board of Directors’ (BOD)Team. With this new appointment, Symtomax plans to diversify the company into the European Medical cannabis market.

In connection to this, Paul Segal, the Chairman of Symtomax, commented,

We welcome Dr. Eurico. Like Symtomax, he is passionate about healthcare. His appointment brings experience and unique expertise at the highest level, and we are delighted that such a recognized member in the International healthcare community has joined us. Symtomax will continue to evolve and lead the company forward in this fast-moving and growing market place, and this appointment is yet another commitment from us on this journey.

Dr. Eurico responded to such an honor by saying,

I am delighted to have joined Symtomax and look forward to further assisting the business on a strategic level as well as pushing the company forward on a technical front.

Dr. Eurico had a bright career and he was granted several honorary awards during his entire professional career. He took to the stage on several scientific conferences and meetings in various fields of General Surgery, Medicine, Health Regulations, and Politics. He held the position of State Secretary for Well Being for the 20th Portuguese government. As such, before being appointed to the BOD of Symtomax, he also served as the BOD of ERS, which is a Portuguese Well Being Regulatory body.

Dr. Eurico joining the Cannabis industry is following the trends prevailing in Israel and the US. Former Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Air-Force Commander have joined the Cannabis Industry in Israel. In the US, the former Congressman, Stephen Buyer, has joined the flourishing Cannabis trade are the most popular examples of politicians joining the Cannabis trade.

Currently, Symtomax has one of the largest legal cannabis cultivation areas in Europe in its possession, with a planned production site in Portugal totaling 1830,000 sq. Meters. Being in this arena for more than 40 years, Symtomax has attained extensive experience in fields of operations, corporate finance and law, and healthcare services.

Such open consumption of Cannabis has also raised a concern and in fact, this time NASA paid $5 million to SpaceX to ensure whether its workplace culture is devoid of marijuana consumption or not.

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