Bitcoin Overview

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that has emerged since its launch in 2009. It is a completely digital currency based on a decentralized peer-to-peer consensus network with no central authority backing it. Therefore, bitcoin can be mined anytime by the users, and it is not influenced by inflationary changes taking place in an economy.

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies offer manifold benefits to society. Therefore, the modern generation shows a keen interest in cryptocurrencies for making any kind of financial transaction, sending, or receiving money, purchasing, or selling goods, or for any other daily purposes.

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin?

The benefits of using bitcoin over traditional mediums of exchange are listed below:

1) Anonymity

Bitcoin transactions are truly anonymous, which means that it will remain anonymous unless users voluntarily disclose their bitcoin transaction details. Even users sending or receiving funds will not know each other’s personal details as bitcoin transactions only record users’ wallet address, not their personal identities. Anonymity also leads to better protection of users’ funds

2) Accessibility

Bitcoin transactions do not require any access to traditional banks and can be made with just a single click on devices. Therefore, the payments are always faster than any conventional mode of payments.

3) Low Transaction Fees

The absence of any third-party intermediary reduces the transaction costs significantly, which is not possible for banks or any other traditional financial institutions.

Coinitix Overview

Coinitix is a crypto trading exchange that fills the lacunae that exist between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Crypto users have always felt the urge for a secure exchange that accepts credit cards for bitcoin purchases. There are only a few exchanges that accept credit cards from traders for bitcoin purchases, and Coinitix is one of them. Coinitix meets all your requirements for a smarter bitcoin purchase with faster payouts at the best exchange rates.

How Does Coinitix Help You to Buy BTC Amidst Its Emerging Adoption?

The Coinitix platform is endowed with some salient features that make crypto purchases easier. This is the reason why traders at both ends of the experience spectrum, novice or seasoned, are feeling the urge to step into the world of crypto trading, even knowing that it’s a risky affair. Here is how Coinitix spikes the mass adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

The Coinitix platform is developed, keeping in mind the needs and urges of all types of users. For beginners, Coinitix is an excellent platform to stride through, given its user-friendly interface. At Coinitix, traders can straightaway begin purchasing bitcoin after they have registered and verified their accounts on Coinitix. Account creation on the Coinitix platform is also easy; all it needs is a verified email address that is to be linked with the exchange.

  1. Faster Payouts

Coinitix makes the whole bitcoin purchasing procedure seamlessly fast. There is no lag time in processing the traders’ payments, and they get their payouts almost instantly. In addition to the uninterrupted and easy login procedure, this feature pertaining to faster payouts contributes to the growing popularity of Coinitix.

  1. Competitive Fee Structure

Coinitix provides the best exchange rates for all transactions. It has a transparent fee structure with no hidden fees like inactivity fees or hidden transaction charges for withdrawals that most exchanges levy on their customers.

  1. Regulated Nature

Working with a crypto exchange that is not regulated by the apex regulatory bodies always carries a risk of losing your funds to embezzlements or frauds. This is because if an exchange is not regulated, it is not possible to track the brokers if they have fled away with your money. So, it is especially important to do your research before choosing any crypto exchange or a broker. Coinitix is fully regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of Estonia, and has a valid license for providing crypto trading services to users, assuring the safety of the users’ money.

  1.  24/7 customer support

The customer support team at Coinitix works 24/7 round the clock and can be contacted anytime via emails, phone calls, and chats. There is a separate support desk to investigate the queries raised by traders during their trading hours. Moreover, customer care assistance is available in many languages, thereby opening the support doors to all customers settled in any corner of the world.

Wrap Up

Therefore, Coinitix plays a very constructive role in the mass adoption of bitcoin while introducing blockchain technology to a larger customer base.


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