Ace Institutional and angel investors Pacatolus (Singapore), Stanford Angels, and a team led by Jeenendra Bhandari, Manoj Mehta, Praveen Gandhi, and Mohit Dubey have placed their unqualified trust in KopyKitab. They have invested an undisclosed amount in this Bangalore-based digital learning startup founded by Sumeet Verma and Amit Shrivastava.

KopyKitab is a platform that meets the needs of higher-education students and offers a personalized learning environment. The startup in the last half-year alone has witnessed an exponential growth of over 200%, and the app has been downloaded a staggering 6 million times. The current user base is 5 million, with a strong presence in 400+ campuses. The company has carved out a niche for itself in the higher education sector by catering to students’ specific needs.

Sumeet Verma, Co-Founder and CEO of KopyKitab, attributes the success to the company’s focus on addressing the unique needs of higher education students, regardless of which institute or region he/she might be from. Almost 68% of the traffic of KopyKitab is from Tier II and Tier III towns of the country. The Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the demand for a “learning from home” environment, and the phenomenal growth of this platform is largely responsible for this factor.

Verma further explains that KopyKitab helps students go through the complete learning cycle with specially created content extracted from books, notes, and assessments. Tutorials are devised in 7 different languages so that no student is deprived of this enriched experience due to location and region. He is confident that this line of funding will go a long way to improve the technology and building of an ecosystem that will take KopyKitab and the higher education vertical to another level through 10 million users by the end of this year.

Verma’s assessment is fully backed and seconded by Praveen Gandhi, one of the lead investors. He says that the reason why investors have backed the startup is that unlike other Ed-tech players, KopyKitab has its hands on the students’ pulse and gives them exactly what they need to excel in their studies, making it a very student-centric platform. The investors feel that KopyKitab is emerging as one of the strongest contenders in the Ed-tech field, and so they have decided to back the company to the hilt.

Since the pandemic hit the country in March, the number of KopyKitab users has grown three-fold with 80% repeat traffic. Lessons are provided through Peer to Peer and structured learning options and video networks. Students have access to teachers, coaches, and even content publishers for an all-around learning experience.


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