Stig Kjos-Mathisen, the honorable chairman of the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), has announced the news about the launch of a revolutionary Payment solution for Norwegian Air, one of the largest airlines in the European market.

According to the official reports, the integration between the two highly acclaimed entities will help the airlines’ customers to settle their payments using cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, there has not been any disclosure regarding the cryptocurrencies that shall be eligible for payment settlement on the airlines’ network. The official statement of the dignitary was published in a report released by a local publication house, The Capital.

Ever since the launch of NBX in the bygone year 2019, Kjos-Mathisen and his billionaire father-in-law Bjorn Kjos have been planning to use the exchange’s infrastructural excellence in supporting the sale of airline tickets to aid the customers of the Norwegian Air firm.

Kjos-Mathisen stated that

Everything is ready from our side. NBX will provide access to the system to customers this year, perhaps already in early spring.

Earlier in September 2019, the globally reputed and one of Norway’s oldest banking institutions named, Sparebanken Øst infused a whopping sum of nearly $1.6 Million to take over control on 16.3% of NBX exchange. The exchange then launched a beta version for a certain number of customers in the same month; however, it has now acquired the potential to cater to the requirements of new users as well.

Founded in 1993, the Norwegian Air Shuttle serves as the largest airline firm in Scandinavia and is also the third-largest low-cost airline in the European marketspace.

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