Cryptocurrencies have become an inevitable part of the financial space in a short span of ten years since their inception in 2009. Launched as a substitute to the traditional payment settlement pedagogies, cryptocurrencies have been proving their mettle in a wide range of industrial domains. As time passed, cryptocurrencies saw huge investments pooling in from big industrialists, renowned business entities, acclaimed investors, and population in general. This led to the development and innovation of the industry in a big way while attracting a new class of investors who were ready to take risks boldly while anticipating profits.

Cryptocurrency trading has become quite popular amongst investors who are always in search of potential projects to make quick and easy money. The process is like a foreign exchange of cryptocurrencies of all the major coins available in the market. These investors are allowed to trade different Bitcoin and altcoins for USD and BTC. The crypto trading is generally carried upon through an exchange network. One such platform is, where one can trade crypto conveniently. The investors need to have a private key and a virtual wallet to store these virtual assets.

In contrast to the general assumption, crypto trading is not a get-rich scheme as these virtual currencies are highly volatile in nature, with prices fluctuating at a steep rate every now and then. For the beginners, the investors must acquire knowledge about the basic terminologies involved in crypto trading to reduce the risks involved in trading. Also, before investing in a project, the investors must collect all the information about the project before putting in their funds.

This article will help you get aware of all the if’s and but’s involved in crypto trading. It will inculcate all the pointers which investors, beginners as well as experienced traders need to follow as well as avoid while trading cryptocurrencies. Have a look:

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency market is full of ups and downs; thus, the investors need to follow a secured path while investing in this arena. As opposed to investing in a fund, crypto traders have two potential choices of either using the services of an exchange or using services of a Forex broker for earning profits in their crypto investments. When a trader opts for an exchange, he/she indulges in buying and selling of Bitcoins or other coins directly on the trading exchange network. These platforms are highly secured, transparent, legally regulated. The investors are required to pay a certain amount of transaction or trading fees to the exchanges in lieu of their services.

In the case of a Forex broker, the investors buy a CFD or a Contract for Difference from the brokers. However, in this case, unlike crypto exchanges, the owners of the CFD do not get ownership of the digital currencies. This is the prime reason why crypto enthusiasts prefer opting for a trading exchange rather than the services of a Forex broker for trading in cryptocurrencies.

Five Crypto trading tips

  1. Make well-informed investments

    Just like any other financial investment, crypto trading too involves risks that might put your funds in trouble. Analysts speculate that the risks associated with a Bitcoin investment are higher in comparison to investments in stocks or commodities. This is because cryptocurrency is still a new concept and a majority of people only have a limited amount of information about the involved pedagogies and concepts. Hence, it is always advised not to put all your funds in a single coin rather make a portfolio of top-rated currencies and put your funds into them. This will help you in a big way as the profit earned on one coin can balance out the loss incurred in another.

  2. Don’t trust blindly

    The market is flooded with a wide range of offerings for crypto investors. It becomes important for the investors to vigilantly scrutinize all the potential projects and then invest funds into it. Before investing, the investor must go through the whitepaper of the project as this will help him/her get details about the long as well as short term objectives of the firm. Also, this helps to learn about the curators and supporters of the project. The involvement of a trustworthy name in a project assures the investor about the credibility of the project.

  3. Choose a trustworthy exchange

    If you are opting for the services of a crypto exchange for trading purposes, then always choose a platform that is secured and is legally regulated by the authorities. An efficient cryptocurrency exchange ensures the best trading services to its customers infused in a thoroughly transparent ecosystem.

  4. Self-analysis of market trends

    Cryptocurrencies are a new concept and so educational resources concerning the pedagogies involved are scarce. Before investing, a prudent investor should keep a check on the market trends of the cryptocurrency he/she is planning to invest in. It is advised to follow a trustworthy and informative crypto site that consolidates the strategically important information related to market trends, past crypto coin movement, future predictions, etc.

  5. Keep your pace slow

    If you are entering the crypto market for the very first time, it is good to keep your pace slow and steady. Do not get floored by the lucrative offerings promised by the firms. Take your time to study the ifs and buts associated with the project and only then put your funds into it. Also, it is advisable to keep your investments comparatively low so that bearing a loss does not bring you to ruins. Once you have become good in your approach, start exploring more options available in the market along with an increase in the amount of funds.

Five Mistakes To Avoid In Crypto Trading

  1. Never share your trading details on your social media handles. This increases the risk of getting exposed to hackers and scammers who are always in search of such significant information to execute their illicit activities.
  2. Do not overlook the charting patterns concerning the movement of a virtual coin, as this might put your funds at risk.
  3. Avoid selling off your digital assets as soon as the price falls steeply. Panic selling is quite common amongst beginners and often costs them a hefty loss.
  4. Entering the crypto market without a well-planned exit plan can cost you quite a significant loss of funds. Keeping an in-hand ready crypto exit plan helps the investors to cover up the losses by earning profits in the long term.
  5. Never get so attached to a particular coin that you end up falling into a loss. Keep a scrutinizing view over the crypto market and invest funds judicially.


Crypto trading is an interesting pedagogy which not just involves expert knowledge but also a lot amount of patience. The market is highly volatile and so profits and gains are part and parcel of the arena. Investors need to keep themselves aware of the trends and scenarios prevailing in the market, as this helps them to make informed decisions. After reading this article, you must now be well-informed about the things you should do and the things you should avoid while dealing with crypto trading. So, make up your mind, follow the protocols, and start investing.

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