Universal messaging application Telegram intends to launch the mainnet and token for its blockchain-based Telegram Open Network (TON) framework this year in March. The news was revealed to a news site by a source close to Telegram organizer and CEO Pavel Durov recently.

Telegram, which reports 200+ million active users for each month, putting it among the top-10 most popular messaging applications worldwide – brought nearly $1.7 billion up in two private initial coin offering (ICO) since a year ago for both Telegram and its upcoming platform TON.

It has been emphasized by a news source that Durov was hesitant to affirm a concrete date for TON’s launch and that the March estimate stays subject to change.

As per a different report from Russian business news source The Bell, Durov’s group has told investors that TON is 90% done, however, that delays are possible due to the creative theme of the development.

As revealed, details reported so far have proposed that TON will mean to work as a better approach for trading information and will be fueled by the platform’s local digital currency, named -Gram.

As revealed in May 2018, the stunning achievement of Telegram’s pre-deals incited the organization in this manner choose to drop a public ICO that had been slated for later in 2018.

In spite of rumors that the Russian billionaire and previous owner of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich sponsored the project, just two entrepreneurs- co-founder of Sergei Solonin, Qiwi and prime supporter of dairy giant David Yakobashvili, Wimm-Bill-Dann, have openly affirmed their investments to date.

Following news that TON was 70% prepared last October, Iran’s government ventured up its limitations on the messaging application, announcing that any participation with the application to release its Gram token would be viewed as activity against national security and an interruption to the national economy. Iran has authorized a spate of bans against Telegram since last year April.

The application has also particularly been blocked in Russia-Durov’s origin, since April 2018, formally because of Durov’s refusal to share the application’s encryption keys with experts inconsistency with a native telecoms law. As indicated by information at the time of blocking, around 10 million of Telegram’s users are based in Russia.


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