The online banking system has been one of the best revolutions to enter in the monetary world and has worked tremendously to make our lives easier. Similarly, in the online trading world, GigaFX is a new but promising platform which exists at the aim of making your experience with online trading easier. When you are a beginner in the crypto world, there are many things you need to make sure of, one of them is that you choose the best platform when it comes trading.


GigaFX has shown tremendous and significant growth in the last year, and that makes it the best online trading platform as of now. The reason is that GigaFX shows that it understands how every trader has different and varied expectations from their trading platform, and therefore, it pays close attention to these needs. It also understands the need for having trading accounts that are tailored exactly according to the traders’ needs.


As a result, GigaFX has created a world in itself where it allows the traders to have their own custom-made trading accounts by entering the details which you would like to have in your trading account and add all the features that you will ever need!


Types of Accounts GigaFX Offers


GigaFX offers its users with four main types of accounts for them to choose from to make sure that all their needs are met. These accounts are developed in a way that it meets the requirement of a beginner as well as an expert of the platform. The account types are:


Starters Account

If you are a beginner or a novice in the trading world, here is the account type best suited for you. It allows you to cautiously and smartly navigate the world of crypto trading. You can access to this trading account from Web, Mobile, and MT4 platforms.

It allows the trader to have a basic trading session, expert advisor, and personal account manager, along with round the clock customer support. The trader also has access to hedging, forex news, knowledge, and resource center. It offers a leverage of 1:100. The spreads in starter account are fixated.


Silver Account

If you are a trader with basic knowledge of how the trading platform works and have some experi ence dabbling in it, the silver account is the best option for you. Just like starter account, the silver account is accessible from mobile, web, and MT4. It gives a basic trading session, round the clock customer support and personal advisor as well as an account manager.

Along with basic services such as hedging, forex news and knowledge, and resource center, this type of account also gives webinar services. The leverage is like a starter pack, which is 1:100.


Gold Account

For a trader who has experienced the trading practices for a while and has substantial expertise in it can choose the gold account type. It is available on MT4, mobile, and web. It offers the same services as the silver account by providing the users with a basic trading session, round the clock customer support and personal advisor as well as an account manager.

Along with basic services such as hedging, forex news, and knowledge and resource center, webinar services, the gold account is prominent as if also offers experienced consulting services, one-on-one training, and daily market alerts. It provides a 1:200 leverage. The spreads are floating in nature.


Premium Account

This type of account is reserved only for a premium group of traders with lots of experience in the trading platform and have major needs to meet. Like other types of accounts, the premium account offers access from mobile, web, and MT4 platforms. The services of premium account include basic trading session, round-the-clock customer support, and personal advisor as well as an account manager.


It offers leverage of 1:200. The spreads in the premium account are floating in nature. Premium account is specially tailored for those traders who actively participate in trading activities. As a result, it offers services such as personal bonus policy and expert training.


GigaFX is appreciated for keeping the traders’ needs in mind and coming up with a creative yet highly approachable idea of a custom-made account, which is especially helpful for the novice traders. The traders participating actively have their own premium class account to cater according to their needs. This is why GigaFX is one of the major platforms which works at minimizing your risk and maximizing the profits.

Janice Pietrzak is a passionate finance professional who holds dual degree with specialization in Business and Journalism. She has experience of over a decade working in the finance sector as a financial news reporter. After years of reporting on forex, recently she has joined FinanceTwenty team as a news editor. In her free time, she loves to get deep knowledge of blockchain.

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