If you are looking for an opportunity to trade leveraged cryptocurrencies in the multiple categories, then you should consider trading at Trade99 platform. The biggest advantage of trading with leveraged cryptocurrency is that you can trade assets without actually owning them.

Trade99 offers you the freedom to choose from five different trading categories – soft commodities, precious metals, indices, energy commodity, and cryptocurrency. Soft commodities consist of various agricultural products, livestock, and other industrial crops which are grown rather than mined from the earth. These are considered essential for societies and present a good trading opportunity. The second category belongs to the precious metals, which primarily consist of gold, silver, and platinum. That said there are other metals too which are traded on the exchange daily through the aforementioned metals take a center stage in the trading process.

Indices form the third category of trading at Trade99, and some of the popular names include S&P, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, and DAX index. You can take a position on the future value of any of the indices and then accordingly quote the value to trade at Trade99. This category too is quite attractive and holds the promise of good rewards. The fourth category of instruments available for trading on Trade99 is energy commodity. The assets traded in this category include crude oil, solar power, electricity, wind power, coal, and natural gas, among others. This category is considered as one of the best categories for trading purposes as energy is indispensable for the survival of mankind, and unlike other categories, the chances of the slow-down in this segment is quite negligible. Taking a position in energy commodity segment makes for a good investment decision. The fifth and last category offered by Trade99 is the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are actually a digital form of the currencies using blockchain technology for the peer exchange process. Just like other categories, you can trade cryptocurrency and speculate about their prices on Trade99.

When it comes to flexibility of choice, it is hard to match the competence of Trade99. At a single trading platform, you get the option of trading five different kinds of assets. Add to this convenience of trading with leveraged cryptocurrency, the experience of trading at Trade99 simply becomes incredible. Besides these conveniences, Trade99 has a dedicated customer support cell which is ready to help you out 24X7.

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